About the Author

There is some debate about who the author of this site is. I say it is me, Mike Hood, but my dead dog, Pathetic Bob, stakes his claim..Decide for yourselves.

.I–Mike Hood–am alive. I live in San Antonio, Texas with my wife, five live dogs, and one live cat. There are several potted plants in my house.

Bob, on the other hand, is dead.But, he does live somewhere with his friend Kieth the Duck.

I–Mike–was the co-owner, editor, and columnist for a large metropolitan newsweekly featuring politics, culture, and food and drink.

Bob–to his credit–has culture, loves to eat and drink, and at least once shit on a newspaper.

I–the one who is still walking around–spent about 10 years as a television news producer for the local CBS affiliate.

Bob–who remains dead–loves television and watches the news.

I–the one who still has brain waves–have sold many short stories and flash fiction to print and web-based publications.

Bob has a friend who has webbed feet.

Ah!, I am in control of the keyboard so I must be the author.

Bob might be in control of my mind which would make him the author.

Damn. I think I’ll stay up late tonight and see who’s on thee computer..