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Out with the dead, in with the Bob

You may have noticed at the top of the web page, “dead dog writing” is no longer there, Pathetic BoB has taken its place.

The website and blog pages on the internet are subject to the guidelines from search engines–google being the most used. All of these search sites have complicated algorithms that search posts with meta tags, other tags, interest in the site and how many times a meta tag appears in the post. They also consider content.

I just wanted a site where Pathetic Bob and I could write humorous stories and hoped that would be enough to beat a path to the site. I was a dumb ass. My brilliant nephew Brian, has been the webmaster since dead dog started. He is a professional, who creates and runs several webpages, and he does it for money, of which I have none. So, he is spending hours trying to get me up to date so I can become competent and run this site. (he’s got an uphill battle on his hands).

We decided to chuck the name deaddogwwriting in favor of You won’t notice much difference, but you will have to change your subscriptions to, the comment section will go to the new site as will my comments to those who write. As soon as we add Pathetic Bob to the masthead, the change will be complete.

I hope each of you will visit for the same kind of silliness you’ve come to expect. We will also add some stories you might not be acquainted with. I am committed to providing absurdity across the internet, and I hope you will follow me on the journey. As you may have noticed, we don’t try to sell you anything–not yet anyway. Please take a little time and enjoy a story or two.

All I ask of you is to keep loyally following our quest to find a place on the internet where people who read can find a niche they can spend time getting a chuckle or two.

I deeply appreciate your support.

MIke Hood (Pathetic Bob).

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