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Pathetic Bob’s new book is out. Buy it today for Christmas.

Pathetic Bob’s Guide to LIfe (practical advice from a dead dog) is out on Amazon. Filled with 25 chapters of history and advice on subjects as diverse as wine, sex, television, business, and many more more offer yo great insight to a dead dog’s mind. We’ve already sold a few copies and expect many more in the coming weeks, We feel we must warn you that the book is R rated. It’s funny as hell, but nor real suitable for anyone under 18.

December 2 is the day the book officially launches, with a big book signing party. In about a weak, we will have matching t-shirts and dog bandanas at the new store on the website.

If anyone buys a copy off Amazon, I would appreciate a review–good or bad. Anyway, we’re pretty excited here at Pathetic Bob central and hope you enjoy reading it. If you have trouble finding it on Amazon, check with the in week; we hope to have copies for sale by then.

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One thought on “Pathetic Bob’s new book is out. Buy it today for Christmas.

  1. Very funny, and this book is Definitely a distraction from the daily grind. Be prepared for laughing out loud. Waiting by for Bob’s sequel.

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