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Redemption for a Disordered Mind

Hey there, Em riding solo today. I might have hit on a reason why I am bombarding the cosmos with weird stories and conversations with my dead dog, Pathetic Bob.

When I was a small child, my momma would say to me, “Hey Puddin’, you run around like a chicken with its head cut off. you need to slow down child.

As a teenager, my daddy would say to me,”Shithead, clean up this disorder in your room or I’m gonna whip you upside the head.”

As an adult, people say to me, “Em, you are one weird dude.”
I always thought my life may be a little too chaotic, too wonky, too unsyncopated…

Although I enjoy walking on the wild side, dancing with fireflies or saying the wrong things at the right times. I’ve had suspicions that I might be pushing the envelope too far. But a recent study by a group of physicists from Washington University in St. Louis has made me realize that I am far ahead of my time.

According to their research, “One may create order by introducing disorder.”

While working on their model–a network of interconnected pendulums or “oscillators–the researchers noticed that when driven by ordered forces, the various pendulums behaved chaotically and swung out of sync like a group of intoxicated synchronized swimmers. This was unexpected–shouldn’t synchronized forces yield synchronized¬† pendulums?

Yes it should, but synchronized swimming in the Olympics would not be as exciting to watch.

I am going to take the discovery as a sign that I am indeed a chaotic force induced into the social fabric in order to create a new, enlightened world tribe.

Or, maybe I’m out to mess up your room.

2 thoughts on “Redemption for a Disordered Mind

  1. Or make my room more messy ?

    1. Joe, I appreciate you taking tie to leave comments. I need to work on getting others to do the same. I’m trying to get more people to subscribe also. It really helps the stats.

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