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Razor Camels and Short Hoppers Prepare For War

The blacxkfellows from Downchurch called them razor knew from where or when the camels arrived, but the group had be spotted in the lowlands nearly three years ago. Although no official tally had been kept, it was believed there were 23 of them mostly males. Razor Camels seemed an odd name for the indigenous people to call them; they carried no sharp instruments and didn’t have a cell phone. Thought of as mainly, desert animals, these camels preferred the seclusion offered by the forest. Seen so rarely, some said they were on specters, dromedary ghosts, that are better not be seen or heard, but when the dry, Australian night wind blew, you could hear them, and what you heard was frightening. Apart fro night-wind camel grunts, the group never bothered anyone; they kept to themselves and asked for nothing.

The troubles began a few months ago shortly after the Great Roo War of the far outback.When the dust had settled on the bloody uprising, surviving malcontent insurgents were driven from the west by King Longtail’s army. started arriving in the area.  most of them bearing war scars and nasty attitudes.They came in pairs or groups of up to thirteen, most of who carried war scars and nasty attitudes. They became known locally as Short Hoppers, and they were looking for a place to heal and plot revenge.

At first, the Short Hoppers settled at the edge of the forest, but it was clear they has aspirations on the forest itself; it was the perfect place to build a terrorist encampment.The fact that a homeland had been claimed by the Razor Camels, made no impression on the battled-hardened Roos; they believe their cause justified and any action they took to further it was Loki’s will.

The Razor Camels were not unaware of the Roos’s presence and intentions but abstained from direct confrontation. For the time being, they preferred to remain aloof, hidden and calm. For the people of Downchurch and its environs and the people were growing apprehensive; by the end of the months the Roos’ numbers had swelled to more than 350, and the tension in that part Australia was palpable. Small gangs of 15 to 20 Roos would occasionally be spotted in town, lounging on street corners, smoking weed and whispering secretively to one another Dogs would whine whenever the hoppers appeared.

It was the first of November that the tension escalated, and the first casualty occurred. Henry Pontic, the old shepherd from the Boswell Ranch found a Razor Camel near the treeline of the forest on his way into town. The camel was dead, the victim, it seemed, of a savage tail thumping. Henry, a spiritual man, buried the camel under the watchful eyes of a dozen more camels.standing at the edge of the forest. When the camel was interred, each of the other came out one by one and stamped a hood on the grave. The last to emerge thanked Henry for his kindness and said,”Please send word to the Hopper,s and tell and tell them if they hop into the forest, they will be hopping into Thermopylae.